Rich Engler’s “Behind The Stage Door” Is A Must Have Book For All Music Lovers This Holiday Season

Rich Engler, a name any 40 something adult grew up with in the city of Pittsburgh, part of the Duo Decesare-Engler Productions, a name that from the late 70′s to the mid 90′s brought the best entertainment to the city, has written his first tell all book.

stage door book coverCorrectly named, “Behind the Stage Door,” is a book every music lover and concert goer must have this holiday season. It is a perfect gift for everyone who loves music trivia, and those who long to look back on their youth and smile.

On the first day I got the book, I read it twice, until my old eyes hurt, and my heart was filled with warm memories. Memories ranging from the sinking orchestra pit, during a Pat travers show, to a fan almost falling through the Stanley Theater roof as he tried to sneak in to a show. Stories about near catastrophic crowd issues as the stage moved at one Three Rivers Show, to Watching Aerosmith wreck an R.V. to going to a show where Chuck Berry was a no show.

The Book details celebrity melt downs, on stage urination, poo flinging, limo stealing, rock stars being arrested, birthday cakes being stolen,and much more,  but you need to read the book to find out who did what!

Better than the National Enquirer could ever wish for on it’s best day, the back stage story of all events rock and roll in the city, is in this book.

These are the memories of my youth, and many of my readers youth, events we may remember, or stories we have never heard.

The book, Behind the Stage Door, is set up in tracks, not chapters, and is filled with photos of the acts we loved, back stage passes, awards, old advertisements we may remember seeing in the Pittsburgh Press and Post Gazette, as well as other local music magazines, and lots of stories.  Story after entertaining story of artists antics, and a collection of Murphy’s Law at it’s worst. A detailed list of things any promoter can experience, and all of them hope they never do.

rich englerThe book details how one of Rich Engler’s staffers almost killed the band America, how one performer almost fell from a tree, and another one who got out of jail whooped Rich’s ass at the YMCA.

When Rich speaks of his life, he does so with a smile, “It was all about relationships with the artists, not like todays music business where it is all about money, when we booked a show, we took good care of the artist, we treated them with respect, they liked us, and we did a lot of work together for years to come.”

This book is a true business school case study on how things can go wrong and how Engler solved them with sometimes funny solutions you would never expect.

“It was truly fast paced, things happened, we had to find a fix on the fly,” He said.

To my amazement, the book was well written, and a page turner.  I found no part of this book boring, perhaps because I was there for a few of those happenings, but mostly because the book is more interesting than many tell all  books by individuals close to stardom, who spend more time being self serving, than actually writing about what the reader wants to see.”,

Engler says  “I can hear Eric Clapton tell me toodleloo, as he left a party, or hear Billy Joel rant over one bad review, or remember one singer cry, they are my friends, and my best memories, which is why I wrote the book so everyone could know the joy I had over the years, and hopefully in to the future.”

“I have a large collection of memorabilia I collected over the years, like the movie almost famous, you look at it, and your among friends to quote a line from the film”

The book is a look in to the soul of a man who cared about your entertainment, and who was a part of the fabric of all of you or your parents lives back when rock and roll ruled the air, and musicians were true party animals, rather than over scripted publicity hounds in search of fifteen more minutes of fame..

I find it amazing on a personal level the lengths that Rich Engler would go just to close a deal, including trading one of his prize cars from his collection.

The book also speaks highly of his family, friends and co workers.

For those looking to buy the book, if you click the cover photo of the book, the link will take you to Riches web site, and if you order a book, it ships out the next day, if you buy two books, it ships free.

Rich  also said the book is in select Giant Eagle stores all through western Pennsylvania, including Washington PA and Erie PA and everywhere in between. In the City, six of the Crazy Mocha Coffee Shops in the downtown Pittsburgh area will also carry the book.

And for those wanting to buy an autographed copy of the book, Rich will be doing several signings of his book, the first one this week on the 18th of December at the Renaissance Hotel lobby 6th Avenue Pittsburgh 6-8 PM.

He will also be doing a book signing on Thursday the 19th of December at the New Kensington Giant Eagle store from 4 PM until 5:30 which is located on Tarentum Bridge Road, New Kensington.

And the crazy mocha coffee shop Beaver Street, Sewickley on December 20 from 4 PM until 6 PM.